Universal Push Notification service

We provide a complete solution to send desktop & mobile push notification messages to iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8,8.1,Windows 10, BlackBerry 10, Chrome, Safari and Firefox .
Also support Titanium, PhoneGap, Cordova, Corona and Xamarin apps.

amazing dashboard

The dashboard includes a lot of strong features.

Geo-fence capabilities

Integration with Geo-location servers.

daily graph

Powerful graph statistics for devices.

Easy To Use

Very easy to setup, Very easy to use.


Our push notification service connects directly with Apple, Google & Microsoft servers to send the push notification messages . 

It's an excellent choice for mobile applications owners and mobile development companies who want to provide a easy push notification service for their mobile apps or clients .

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Real time Analytics

Analyze your Performance

Use your dashboard to check how your campaigns are performing on a particuler channel and plan your next campain based on that.Powerful daily graph statistics to log any sent, received, new or invalid message and devices

About push notifications

Push Notifications are instant, clickable messages which appear directly on your desktop/mobile device. Websites can send push notifications directly to people who've "opted-in" to notifications from their web browsers or app's. The subscriber does not need to be on your site or use your app to receive the notification. Push notifications work on both desktop and mobile.

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All native Mobile plattforms supported

Make your website talk with browser push notifications

See web push notifications in action!

Web push notifications for laptop's and desktop's powers you to show a message to your users, even if they are not on your website.

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We build app's for all plattforms and all devices so we got you fully covered.
Feel free to request a free quote for any app including IOS app,Android app or Windows UWP app's.

Send push notifications from your phone

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